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Jonathan S. Lybrook - WordSecure Manager

Jonathan S. Lybrook - WordSecure, Manager Jonathan S. Lybrook - Manager
Jon has over 20 years in the computer industry focusing on Customer Service, System Administration, IT Security, Production Engineering, Web Programming, and IT Management. In 2007, Jon Lybrook was invited to build the first release of WordSecure for use by universities requiring a HIPAA compliant method of communicating with students and vendors. Since then, it has grown to touch all aspects of personal and business data security for many organizations and individuals.

Prior to and since WordSecure, Jon has led the development of secure business applications at Tera Bear Consulting, a division of Chronosynthesis Productions, Inc. Prior to that he held Information Technology and Production Engineering positions at Genomica, Inc., International Language Engineering, and The Geological Society of America.

Jon's interest in art and film earned him a B.A. degree from Bard College in upstate New York. He also manages a small fine art printmaking studio specializing in contemporary photogravure printmaking. As Chief Developer and Manager of WordSecure, Jon oversees Customer Service, Production, Testing, and Marketing.

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