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WordSecure Messaging Review by Todd Walker “As a healthcare consultant to a variety of provider types I often receive questions from clients about how much information they can or cannot share with patients via electronic means. Many providers do not utilize complex communications tools such as messaging through an EHR system. The most accessible alternative, Internet e-mail, is highly susceptible to hackers. WordSecure Messaging offers a bullet proof, simple, easy to use mechanism of communicating protected health information or other private data, such as payment information, in a secure manner.

Physicians and their staff members do not have time to play phone tag with patients, whether practicing in a private practice setting, hospital employed model or working in an ancillary setting, such as a student health facility. WordSecure Messaging provides a perfect alternative to the exceedingly time consuming "chase" of trying to reach patients by phone.

The developers of WordSecure Messaging take the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements seriously. They have over-complied by applying a HIPAA Security Rule risk assessment to the WordSecure Messaging product. WordSecure Messaging exceeds many aspects of the Security Rule requirements. It will also help my healthcare clients meet their obligations under the Red Flags Rule by offering a safe and secure means of exchanging payment information.

For healthcare providers and other service professionals who need a simple and secure means of communicating with patients or clients, I believe WordSecure Messaging is the best alternative.

Todd Walker, President
Comprehensive Healthcare Advisors, LLC
Columbus, Ohio

WordSecure Messaging Review by Matt Berrafato “I remember first being introduced to the WordSecure Messaging product at one of the annual conventions of the National Association of Health Underwriters by one of my colleagues. Back a few years ago when the HIPPA privacy laws were revamped with serious penalties I knew that I had to do something to protect myself and my clients. WordSecure Messaging is so easy to use that I was able to incorporate the secure e-mail system into my practice overnight.

Within just about everything I do to service my clients involves transmitting HIPPA protected information to and from insurance companies as well as to and from the clients. The beauty of the WordSecure Messaging system is that once a person becomes an approved recipient, I am then able to send secure e-mails to them and receive secure e-mails from them as often as necessary. I am also able to have an archive of e-mails that become permanent records for each client.

Ever since I began using WordSecure I have never had to worry about not being in compliance with the ominous HIPPA privacy law. Regardless of how fast my business grows I know that I have covered all the bases necessary to protect me and my clients.

Even though I am not the most tech savvy person I was able to be up and running using WordSecure Messaging immediately. On the very few occasions that I have needed some technical support I would always be able to get through to the right person who could answer my questions on the first try. I highly recommend WordSecure Messaging to any business that has to protect themselves against the huge liabilities presented because of noncompliance with HIPPA. Also in regards to the protections afforded by the system for possible identity theft.

Matthew T. Berrafato
Employee Benefit Specialist
Chicago, Illinois

WordSecure Messaging by Steve Beckley “WordSecure Messaging has become a great solution for secure communication needs with regards to college health insurance and anything confidential. If you are a professional consultant or insurance broker with a need for security in transmitting messages and documents, WordSecure Messaging may also be the right choice for your organization.

Please feel free to contact HBC-SLBA to learn more about our insurance consulting practice and how we use WordSecure to provide our clients with the security they expect, and the encryption level required to help demonstrate HIPAA compliance.

Stephen L. Beckley, President
Hodgkins Beckley Consulting, LLC
Fort Collins, Colorado

“Many small businesses are not aware of the necessity for meeting compliance standards, or are searching for a solution that is robust, easy-to-use, and economical. WordSecure meets all those criteria. I liked it so much, I became a reseller!”

Tom Rouse, Owner
Boulder, Colorado

“We are a small insurance consulting firm that was looking for a way to send and receive secure emails and files that didn't break the bank. Our business relies on extensive customer service which entails researching and resolving member issues that include protected health information (PHI is protected by HIPAA). WordSecure was our answer. It allows us to safely and securely send and receive data from our clients.We received excellent training and ongoing support whenever it was needed. Thank you WordSecure!”

Lisa M. Lance, Vice President
Elles Inc.
Riegelsville, PA

WordSecure Reviews WordSecure has provided the best data encryption services for insurance firms, medical practices, freight companies, and college health centers since 2007. Your clients and partners deserve it, the law requires it.

Get the genuine peace of mind you can only have by knowing WordSecure is diligently protecting your communications day and night. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer support is available 9-5 Monday through Friday.

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