WordSecure: Messaging Secure

Secure Messaging with WordSecure

Secure Messaging. Do your customers care about the security of the information they send electronically? Would you like to benefit from having a professional, affordable, web-based, secure messaging program that can be available to you instantly? WordSecure was designed with you in mind.

The same technology used by banks and ecommerce sites worldwide is now available to you to encrypt and send anything securely over the Internet, instantly!   Buy WordSecure Now!

WordSecure is a web-based, secure messaging and notification system that allows you to exchange encrypted information over an easy-to-use Secure Messaging Program that works in conjunction with standard email. Electronic file attachments may also be sent via secure messaging using WordSecure. There's no software to install. It is available from anywhere you have a browser and connection to the Internet. Secure messaging has never been easier!

Benefits to your Clients

Benefits to You

  • Very simple signup & verification process
  • As easy to use as email but Secure
  • All the convenience of email, but Secure
  • Accounts are FREE of charge to your customers and vendors
  • Prompts users to review message and any attachments before sending
  • Ability to communicate 24/7 from anywhere they have a computer and internet.
  • Can be more accurate than voicemail
  • Saves time - reduces errors
  • Messages are available immediately upon sending - no waiting on that email to show up!
  • No special software or IT support required
  • Affordable, value-based pricing
  • No playing phone tag with clients
  • Helps keep phone lines open
  • No phone message management
  • Public signup form to lessen Administrative and maintenance hassles
  • Archiving and eDiscovery option for WordSecure Enterprise customers
  • Centralized documentation of all your secure client interactions
  • Can be customized to match your branding and logo (WordSecure Enterprise only)
  • Messages are available immediately upon sending - need to wait on that email to show up!

Get WordSecure Now!

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