Red Flags Rule Secure Messaging

Red Flags Rule Secure Messaging Compliance

Red Flags Rule Compliance with Wordsecure. WordSecure is a Red Flags Rule compliant, secure messaging and notification system that helps protect against identity theft and allows you to exchange secure messages and information over an easy-to-use, but secure alternative to standard email. Secure electronic files may also be sent in messages using WordSecure.

The Red Flags Rule mandaded by the Federal Trade Comission guides businesses with twenty employees or more toward best practices as concerns the clients and customers financial data. WordSecure supports your business in your effort for Red Flags Rule compliance by allowing you to provide a secure messaging option for confidential financial data going to and from your customers.

Click here to Signup for WordSecure and help stop identity theft at your organization -- before it starts!

Protected health, financial, legal, and other personal information otherwise subject to identity theft can be exchanged with trusted individuals over the web with confidence using fast and secure, industry-standard encryption technology. It's simple to use, secure, affordable, and Red Flags Rule and HIPAA compliant.

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