Improve HITECH Act and HIPAA Compliance using WordSecure

Demonstrate HITECH and HIPAA Compliance using WordSecure

HITECH Act and HIPAA HITECH Act and HIPAA regulations for data security are mandated by U.S. Federal law, but compliance doesn't have to be expensive or complex. The same encryption standards used by banks and ecommerce sites worldwide are available to you instantly when you sign up for WordSecure. Easily encrypt and send secure messages and electronic attachments to anyone, anywhere using WordSecure.

Protected healthcare, financial, business, and personal data can be sent with confidence using WordSecure. HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates can click here to Signup and begin using WordSecure and get up to date with HITECH Act, HIPAA and Red Flags Rule quickly and easily. Do it today to demonstrate best practice by protecting your clients' financial and healthcare information as required by the HITECH Act and HIPAA. While secure messaging with Wordsecure isn't the only action required to be fully compliant, it is the easiest first step your organization can make.

Best of all, you don't need to install any special email encryption software, or face the hassle with configurations, downloads, or computer hardware. You sign up, your clients do the same, and you can begin sending secure messages immediately. It's that easy -- and fast! Your company or organization can have WordSecure up and running in minutes. Order WordSecure Now!

Benefits to your Clients

Benefits to You

  • Very simple signup & verification process
  • As easy to use as email but Secure
  • All the convenience of email, but Secure
  • Accounts are FREE of charge to your customers and vendors
  • Prompts users to review message and any attachments before sending
  • Ability to communicate 24/7 from anywhere they have a computer and internet.
  • Can be more accurate than voicemail
  • Saves time - reduces errors
  • Messages are available immediately upon sending - no waiting on that email to show up!
  • No special software or IT support required
  • Affordable, value-based pricing
  • No playing phone tag with clients
  • Helps keep phone lines open
  • No phone message management
  • Public signup form to lessen Administrative and maintenance hassles
  • Archiving and eDiscovery option for WordSecure Enterprise customers
  • Centralized documentation of all your secure client interactions
  • Can be customized to match your branding and logo (WordSecure Enterprise only)
  • Messages are available immediately upon sending - need to wait on that email to show up!

Get WordSecure Now!

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