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  Licensing Fee and Subscription Period$29.95/Month$54.95/Month$89.95/Month$2,500/Year
  Internal Users * up to 5up to 10 up to 25Call
  Normal Users * unlimited unlimited unlimited Call
  Unlimited Secure MessagesYesYesYesYes
  Up to 10 File Attachments per MessageYesYesYesYes
  Strong, 2-Way, 256-bit Key Encryption of DataYesYesYesYes
  Message Review & Safety ConfirmationYesYesYesYes
  Public User Signup Control by Domain YesYesYesYes
  Timed Auto Deletion Feature of MessagesYesYesYesYes
  Support for All Major Browsers (Mac and PC) YesYesYesYes
  6-Year Message Retention ArchiveNoNoNoYes
  Custom Domain Name with SSL CertNoNoNoYes
  Private Virtual Server and IP AddressNoNoNoYes
  Specific Customization, Logo & BrandingNoNoNoYes
  Fortified Security and 99.9% UptimeYesYesYesYes
  60-Day, 100% Money-Back-GuaranteeYesYesYesYes
  Combined Disk Space and Bandwidth **2 GB5 GB10 GB Call
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What's a Normal User vs. an Internal User?*

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* Internal Users are users within your organization with whom Normal Users may communicate and vice-versa. Internal Users may be employees, agents, vendors or others who represent your organization. These users may see and communicate with all users within the system.

* Normal Users are users outside your organization. They may be clients, customers, or anyone who needs to communicate securely with your designated Internal Users. Normal Users may not communicate with other Normal Users via WordSecure. They may only communicate with your designated Internal Users.

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** Disk Space is the amount of total disk space allocated to your company account for file attachments included in messages. Bandwidth is the amount of traffic allowed to and from your WordSecure System. Additional charges in the amount of $5 per month per GB may apply if Disk Space and Bandwidth combined exceeds the allocated amount in a given billing period. For reference, one GB is equivalent to approximately 64,782 one page Microsoft® Word® Documents.

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