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December 12, 2012
Crunchbase is a free database of technology companies, people and investors. WordSecure has been listed on Crunchbase since April 2011.

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WordSecure Messaging by WordSecure, LLC provides an easy-to-use, web-based secure messaging system.

Once only available to banks and ecommerce sites, encrypted secure messaging is available to you now when you subscribe. Why do you need a secure messaging application for your business? Because no business should be without a means of exchanging files and messages in a secure environment they control.

With WordSecure Messaging, you have your own, secure web portal to send and receive messages and attachments among colleagues, clients, and customers. No third-party software or special configuration is required. Medical offices, legal firms, accounting offices, insurance and mortgage brokers are just a few of the businesses that can benefit from secure email messaging through WordSecure. Affordable, easy to use, and reliable – WordSecure is the easiest way to send information securely!

For everyday communications, use email. But when the security and confidentiality of the messages you send matters, use WordSecure!

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