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December 14, 2012
Boulder Digital Arts is a community resource for technology and creative professionals working in film/video, web/mobile, photography and graphic design. WordSecure has been listed on BDA's member directory since October 26, 2009.

Boulder Digital Arts: WordSecure LLC: Encrypted Email Through Secure Messaging.

WordSecure LLC: Encrypted Email Through Secure Messaging.

WordSecure Messaging by WordSecure, LLC is a web-based Secure Messaging and file transfer software as a service (SaaS) that allows you to exchange encrypted messages and attachments with designated individuals in a contained and secure web environment. For normal, everyday communications, use your email program. When the security and confidentiality of the messages you are sending is important and needs to remain secure, trust WordSecure, LLC!

WordSecure Messaging Program Key Features:

* Web-based - no sensitive information is stored on the client's (or your) local computer.
* 256-bit key encryption support for all your message data and attachments when using WordSecure.
* Bi-directional encryption ensuring both messages to and from you and your clients are encrypted.
* Restriction of system users by valid domain. Choose who can communicate with you over WordSecure.
* Optional auto-deletion of all messages after a fixed period of time you choose.
* Allow your clients and contacts to sign themselves up to use your WordSecure system, or do it for them.
* Automatic message review before sending. Never send information to the wrong person again!
* No restrictions on the number of messages sent.
* Custom company branding of WordSecure. (Available with WordSecure Enterprise systems only)
* Indefinite auto-archiving of all messages to aid in risk reduction management. (WordSecure Enterprise systems only).
* Physically secure, off-site storage of all your messages and data with current archives provided upon request.
* No software to install. Easy to use. Access it from anywhere you have an internet connection.
* 100% money-back guarantee in the first 30 days if not completely satisfied.

Visit us today at to learn more or call us Toll-Free at 1-877-878-6798

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