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How WordSecure Messaging Works:

Secure Messaging with WordSecure

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Frequently Asked Questions about WordSecure Messaging:

1. How does WordSecure Messaging work?
WordSecure is a secure web page you log into to exchange messages and attachments with anyone you wish. There is nothing special to download, install or configure with WordSecure. Each person just needs to have an account and a password setup ahead of time to communicate with you. It works with any web browser from any computer connected to the internet from anywhere! It's a secure web portal specifically for your business.

2. What happens after I sign my company up for a WordSecure Monthly Subscription?
Click on the link in the confirmation email you receive after you sign up and accept our End User Licence Agreement, change your default password, and that's it! Your own WordSecure Messaging system is ready for use. You will be billed on a monthly basis according to the WordSecure Messaging plan you choose.

3. How do I get my clients, customers and employees to sign up to use my WordSecure system?
Once you have subscribed to WordSecure, just send an email to your clients, customers, colleagues, vendors, and employees announcing your company's WordSecure Messaging portal. Invite them to sign themselves up for their free secure account to communicate with you exclusively. When you invite them, be sure to include a link directly to your Guest Signup Page. You can also create accounts for them under the Administration tab (but be sure to let them know ahead of time so they know to expect it). They will then get a confirmation email with a special link for them to confirm their account and authenticate to your WordSecure system for the first time.

4. What happens when I send a secure message to someone?
Each time they get a secure message they will receive a notification via Email with a secure link. They click the link and login to your WordSecure system to get their secure message.

5. I've got my employees signed up with accounts. Is there anything special I have to do to allow them to get secure messages from our clients/customers/vendors? If there are employees or other users internal in your organization you want to be able to communicate with normal users, you need to change their permissions level to 'Internal User'. Simply go to the Administration tab and change their role to 'Internal User' so normal users can see them in their list of possible recipients, and send them secure messages. Your subscription level limits you to a certain number of internal users. Normal users who can communicate with you and your staff are unlimited.

6. Now that I have WordSecure, what can I do to encourage people to send secure messages to me instead of using unsecure email that sends clear text messages over the internet?
Put a link from your website to your WordSecure web messaging portal's account signup page. You might also add a signature block on the bottom of all your regular emails inviting people to communicate with you securely using WordSecure -- the easiest way to send information securely!

More Frequently Asked Questions about Secure Messaging with WordSecure...

Benefits to your Clients

Benefits to You

  • Very simple signup & verification process
  • As easy to use as email but Secure
  • All the convenience of email, but Secure
  • Accounts are FREE of charge to your customers and vendors
  • Prompts users to review message and any attachments before sending
  • Ability to communicate 24/7 from anywhere they have a computer and internet.
  • Can be more accurate than voicemail
  • Saves time - reduces errors
  • Messages are available immediately upon sending - no waiting on that email to show up!
  • No special software or IT support required
  • Affordable, value-based pricing
  • No playing phone tag with clients
  • Helps keep phone lines open
  • No phone message management
  • Public signup form to lessen Administrative and maintenance hassles
  • Archiving and eDiscovery option for WordSecure Enterprise customers
  • Better documentation
  • Can be customized to match your branding and logo (WordSecure Enterprise only)
  • Messages are available immediately upon sending - no waiting on that email to show up!

Get WordSecure Now!

With WordSecure, now you can rest at ease knowing your private emails are kept confidential. WordSecure is designed to provide identity theft protection and demonstrates compliance with federal privacy laws such as HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, GLBA and Red Flags Rule.

And the best thing about it is, you don't need to install any special email encryption software, configurations, downloads, or hardware. It's easy and fast! Your company or organization can have WordSecure up and running in minutes.

When the security of the messages you are sending is important, use WordSecure!

WordSecure Key Product Features

Need more information?

Call WordSecure at 1-877-878-6798 or Signup for an account on our in-house demonstration system to see how our system works first-hand, from your client's perspective. You may also use it to contact WordSecure principals directly and to request client and industry references, as well as our white paper addressing more in-depth technical and security questions about WordSecure.

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