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Encryption Services That Deserve a KISS

by Jonathan S. Lybrook, Founder and Manager, WordSecure

Jonathan S. Lybrook, WordSecure Boulder, Colorado - December 12, 2011

The scandal surrounding the company Carrier IQ and their stealth, keylogging application found on many, major portable devices continues to raise questions about the privacy ethics of the large internet service and cell phone providers including Google and Apple. Requests by the FBI for this data are also being brought to light. In addition to keylogging (the recording of keystrokes) on phones and iPads, Carrier IQ, with the knowledge of the service providers employing them, allowed for the recording of telephone calls, location tracking info, as well as incoming text messages which could then be transmitted to the service providers. This trust issue makes Rupert Murdoch look like the Dalai Lama.

What this means is even "secure" applications running on these phone or netbook devices have absolutely no valid encryption services to protect sensitive information, since the device is recording everything before it gets encrypted or transmitted. These "secure application" providers cannot be trusted any more than the carriers themselves for their misjudgment in trusting such devices with user privacy in exchange for greater market share. The old motto of technologists has always been K.I.S.S., or Keep it Simple, Stupid. I propose updating this chestnut of wisdom to be "Keep Information Security Simple". Kinda catchy and not so condescending.

The web apps and devices we've grown to love, such as Gmail, Androids and iPads, should cause us to question the basic moral right to privacy we can and should expect from the big companies to whom we are paying top-dollar. Instead we rush to get the next greatest app, with no regard for our data privacy. It's a Faustian deal with the devil for the modern age to be sure.

Secure messaging applications running on these newer devices tend to have a greater number of security holes than basic, tried and true secure websites. This is because the SSL algorithm is constantly being challenged by hackers and the public. In addition, there are fewer third-party companies coming between a user and the intended recipient with simple, secure web applications vs. handheld apps. Essentially, the more complex a system and application is, the more opportunities there are for exploits and the loss of private data. Remember KISS: Keep Information Security Simple for truly secure encryption services!

WordSecure Messaging was built from the ground up to have a centralized, secure, web-based environment for your organization to use as its own encryption services portal. The data and attachments are written to and retrieved from the server using industry-standard encryption used by ecommerce sites and financial instituions worldwide. With WordSecure Messaging, messages can be archived or set to expire automatically depending on your needs. The system can be customized but is also highly secure by virtue of the fact that it remains so simple to use. Encryption services by WordSecure is the preferred solution to encrypted communications over the internet.

Please contact WordSecure if you have any questions about how WordSecure Messaging can protect your company and clients' personal information, financial data, or protected health information (PHI).

Get WordSecure Messaging now and be using it in minutes. It's the easiest way to send information securely.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan S. Lybrook
Jonathan S. Lybrook
Manager, WordSecure

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