Tools IT Professionals use for sending Passwords Securely

MSP Tools for Password and Account Security

MSP Tools for sending Passwords and Account Information securely. As a Managed Service Provider and IT Consultant, you have a lot of tools and passwords to keep track of, and so do your clients. Sending confidential user data such as passwords via email blatantly shows you don't care about your client's privacy. IT professionals demonstrate better practices. Not protecting passwords is like not protecting the keys to your house, and your customers know it. Best practices in protecting customer information mandate that you need more than email.

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Protected Information MSPs erroneously share over CLEAR TEXT email :

It should be clear that any of these pieces of information include sensitive data that need to be kept secure. Any MSP or IT Consultant who inadvertently sends this kind of data over a normal, unencrypted email system could be personally fined or penalized, as well as the company. It is important to understand both companies as well as individuals can be personally liable for improper use of Protected Health Information (required under HIPAA), not to mention sued in the case of identity theft or fraud.

Just providing passwords to systems containing such access could likewise make you and your firm liable as a HIPAA-Covered Entity. Wouldn't it be great if there was a single, point-to-point encrypted way to send all protected information between you and your clients and vendors?

Luckily, WordSecure has a solution: For less than the cost of a can of refreshing, ice-cold soda per day, you can provide your customers with a web-based system where you can send passwords and account credentials, even financial information, in a completely 2-way, encrypted environment. No need for complicated equipment, configurations or downloads. Simply login, click, and send!

Whether you have a dozen important clients, or hundreds, WordSecure will help you keep track of them and their needs in a fully encrypted and controlled environment.

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Custom MSP Tools for Account Security

Your Clients Get:

What You Get:

  • Very simple signup & verification process
  • As easy to use as email but Secure
  • All the convenience of email, but Secure
  • Accounts are FREE of charge to your customers and vendors
  • Prompts users to review message and any attachments before sending
  • Ability to communicate 24/7 from anywhere they have a computer and internet.
  • Can be more accurate than voicemail
  • Saves time - reduces errors
  • Messages maybe be kept indefinitely, or expire after a set number of days.
  • Messages are available immediately upon sending - no waiting on that email to show up!
  • Affordable, value-based pricing
  • Easy to use for your customers
  • Solid, reliable uptime and support
  • No special software or configurations required
  • No playing phone tag with clients
  • Helps keep phone lines open
  • Public signup form to lessen Administrative tasks
  • Centralized documentation of all your secure client interactions
  • Can be customized to match your branding and logo (WordSecure Enterprise only)
  • Messages are available immediately upon sending - need to wait on that email to show up!

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WordSecure Messaging gives IT consultants robust encryption for their customers.

It used to be that only banks, investment firms, and insurance company websites could afford secure messaging to communicate with clients properly. Most small IT firms are not able to spend thousands of dollars upgrading to use secure integrated communication technology. However, there is a cost-effective solution for MSPs and IT specialists that provides a secure communication portal for both themselves, and their clients.

WordSecure Messaging offers web-based security that is far superior to many other encryption technologies. It is an answer to HIPAA compliance requirements, and many of the other government-mandated controls that are in place to protect consumers and businesses from security breaches and identity theft.

WordSecure Messaging enables users to communicate safely and reliably with one another, and provides centralized, secure email storage. For many IT firms, the low monthly cost of WordSecure Messaging makes it a far more sensible alternative than other more complicated and costly systems available. While other solutions require IT assistance to install and maintain, WordSecure Messaging does not. This easy-to-use, business email security solution is good news to accountants and financial firms who want to maintain control of costs while providing top-level security features to their individual and corporate clients.

Please contact WordSecure if you have any questions about how WordSecure Messaging can protect your company and clients' account information, financial data, or protected health information (PHI).

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