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Easy Secure Messaging for Finance Whether you run a solo accounting firm, a finance department, or a full service financial organization with hundreds of clients and thousands of confidential documents to manage, a single negligent email attachment without proper security solutions in place may make you heavily liable.

Unbelievably, there are still financial groups who, in this day and age of hackers and rampant phishing attacks, think sending social security numbers through email is acceptable business practice -- even for financial and HIPAA-protected medical documents. This misinformation is costing the industry business owners their good reputation, as well as stiff penalties when it turns out they are not in compliance with current regulations regarding how financial information needs to be handled, under U.S. Federal law.

While the spotlight over the past couple of years has been on the responsibility among the large banks, hospitals, and government agencies, less attention has been paid to email security issues by finance departments in larger companies who may not be aware of their responsibilities with handling their customer's financial information. Yet every representative of your company who gets access to that information is responsible and can be held liable and accountable to the federal regulations concerning identity theft, protected consumer information, and Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). All the personal information you handle -- including client income data, social security numbers, bank and credit information, medical payment information -- is wide-open to interception by third parties when sent via regular email. This information must be protected by U.S. law.

Protected financial documents most mistakenly shared over email:

It should be clear that any of these documents include sensitive data and that all must be kept secure. Any financial agents who receive such data over a normal, unencrypted email system could be personally fined or penalized, as well as the company, not to mention sued in the case of identity theft or fraud. Luckly there is a simple answer to prevent such security-related liabilities and ensure best-practices are being used at your organization.

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WordSecure Messaging gives financial consultants robust data security without Email

It used to be that only large bank, investment firm, and insurance company websites could afford secure messaging to communicate with clients properly. Now however, there is a cost-effective solution that provides management and protection for both financial organizations and their clients.

WordSecure Messaging offers simple, web-based security that is preferred to many other encryption solutions. It is an answer to HIPAA compliance requirements, and many of the other government-mandated controls that are in place to protect consumers and businesses from security breaches and identity theft.

WordSecure Messaging enables users to communicate safely and reliably with one another, and provides centralized, secure storage of your messages and data. For many firms, the low monthly cost of WordSecure Messaging makes it a far more sensible alternative than other more complicated and costly systems available. While other solutions require IT assistance to install and maintain, WordSecure Messaging does not. This easy-to-use, business email security solution is good news to accountants and financial firms who want to maintain control of costs while providing top-level security features to their individual and corporate clients.

Please contact WordSecure if you have any questions about how WordSecure Messaging can protect your company and clients' personal information, financial data, or protected health information (PHI).

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