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WordSecure is simple, HIPAA and business-grade software for sharing encrypted files and secure messages with anyone.

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Did you know that sending a social security number through email is the single biggest infraction of the FTC laws regarding consumer data protection? The solution? Use a cloudless and contained, point-to-point system to keep your data safe and containted. WordSecure Messaging is not in the cloud, which means there are far less attack vectors to exploit and greater reassurance of privacy for you and your customers.

Easy-to-Use, Cloudless Security for Business

Our easy-to-use, secure messaging encryption software is ready to use in minutes!   Finally ... you, your clients, customers, and associates can exchange secure messages, encrypted files and information in confidence using fast, secure technology with WordSecure Messaging. Our powerful encrypting program and SSAE-16, HIPAA and PCI compliant data facility, ensure security both to the sender and receiver of documents, with no extra software or special downloads required. Think of it as a walled-off gateway that allows you to automatically retain, purge, and control the secure messages and attachments you send and receive. Sending and receiving a secure message has never been easier!

HIPAA and Banking-Grade Encryption

Once only available to banks, large insurance companies, and ecommerce sites, WordSecure Messaging's professional encryption technology is now available to you, today! When you sign up for WordSecure Messaging, you will have peace of mind that your important data can not be intercepted -- because it never leaves our encrypted environment until you access it. It's encrypted email using point-to-point secure messaging and the best solution for HIPAA in healthcare, insurance brokers, corporate security, finanical professionals, and Lawyer confidentiality. WordSecure is secure messaging for healthcare you can use every day. Are you a membership organization? Check out our primer on Non-Profit Security.

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